Pelvic Release Massage


The muscles of our pelvis often become imbalanced and over or under worked because of postural patterns, trauma, injury, emotional stress or energy blocks.

This tension in the pelvic muscles restricts blood and therefore energy flow, vitality and life force in our core, root and centre, affecting our balance point.

Pelvic imbalance and pain can restrict movement, detract from sensation and pleasure as well as reduce creative flow and radiance.

Pelvic Release Massage is a specialised external myofascial release treatment that focuses on and opens up the connective tissue pathways that support the pelvis.

It restores balance and energy flow by actively re-energising the core and root muscles which helps revitalise and strengthen the pelvis.

For enhanced treatment and results, Sar recommends that this bodywork be received alongside Holistic Pelvic Care or Holistic Pelvic Energy. Sar is also happy to co-treat with your current pelvic physio or refer you to the right service provider to support your personal and therapeutic needs.

This treatment is perfect for those seeking healing with and relief from:

  • Pelvic dysfunction, including pain, prolapse and painful sex
  • Pelvic disconnection due to trauma (sexual, emotional or physical)
  • General women’s health (conscious conception, menstrual cycle concerns, menopause, perimenopause)
  • Patterns of congestion (endometriosis, fertility concerns, painful menstruation)
  • Postnatal healing (birth trauma, prolapse, rebalancing)
  • Baby loss, termination or miscarriage
  • Muscular and skeletal pain (coccyx pain, sacroiliac joint dysfunction, pubic symphysis dysfunction)
  • Bladder concerns (overactive bladder, urgency, frequency, incontinence)
  • Chronic constipation
  • Vaginismus and vulval pain

‘I saw Sar weekly from my second trimester and I don’t think I could have survived my pregnancy without her! Sar has a wonderful energy and her passion and commitment shines through her practice. I would highly recommend her to all pregnant mamas in need of body and soul rejuvenation during pregnancy’


'Sar is intuitive and highly skilled in knowing what you need. The postnatal massage was incredible. I felt deep relaxation, but also so much more. Her bodywork took me back to the labour and helped me release things I wasn't even aware I was holding onto. Sar is deeply respectful and passionate about women's health, so I always feel incredible safe and able to fully let go in her presence. Her bodywork is essential for any pregnant woman and an absolute must after birth. I can't recommend Sar highly enough to any woman who needs some relaxation, downtime or to de-stress.'


'Sar is an incredible space holder. She provides a warm, nurturing and loving space – welcoming you home to your body and the inherent wisdom stored within. Expertly inviting you to a deeper self-awareness through her treatments. Sar has helped me reconnect with my fertility, recover from pregnancy loss and supported my physical and emotional body to be healthy and well. Thank you!'


‘After trying many other practitioners, I have been a client of Sar's for two years and every treatment has been highly beneficial and really pleasurable. I suffer from serious disc problems, so I don't just want a relaxing massage. She has an excellent knowledge of the human body and is very professional. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing a special massage therapist.’


'Sar helped me reconnect with my body and helped me discover what self care is really about. She was treating me for fertility issues, digestive issues, stress and anxiety. Sar helped me reconnect with my body, accept it with its imperfections and love my body and myself. After a little more than 6 months of treatment, I got my first period in 6 years. Then, a few months later I got another one, and before I knew it I fell pregnant with a second baby. A miracle baby who is about to come out, despite having been told by many doctors that I would never be able to have a baby without IVF. I am so grateful for having crossed paths with Sar.'